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Book Info-

Title- Awakened

Series-Few Are Angels Book #2

Author- Inger Iversen

Book Blurb-

What must he overcome to protect her?

With no clue of what to do next and the responsibility of looking after Alex and Mia as promised, Kale is up to his ears in problems and no solutions. How will Kale save Ella, keep Alex and Mia safe, control Jace as well as control the Bloodlust that creeps beneath the surface waiting to be released? Will Kale be Ella’s savior or will he convict her to a fate worse than the one Laurent has already promised her?

What truths will she learn?

Ella knows that the choices she makes affects not only her but everyone else around her, but what about the choices made to find her? Ella learns the truth about the death of her parents, learns that the ones she thought she could trust aren’t so trustworthy after all.

How will Ella handle these betrayals, and will she be able to sacrifice what is necessary to obtain eternal life?


Buy Links-

Amazon Kindle- http://www.amazon.com/Awakened-Few-Are-Angels-ebook/dp/B00BIX062U/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1362977537&sr=8-4&keywords=Inger+Iversen

Amazon Paperback- http://www.amazon.com/Awakened-Few-Are-Angels-Volume/dp/1480020141/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1362977537&sr=8-4

Barnes & Noble- Nook-


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About the Author-

Inger Iversen lives in Virginia Beach with her tree-hugging boyfriend Joshua and her overweight lap cat Max. When not reading or writing she spends her time watching reruns of True Blood or killing zombies in Call Of Duty.

Author Links-

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/kris10inger

Goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5829788

Website-  http://www.ingeriversen.com/

Facebook Fanpage – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inger-Iversen/187900437937819?fref=ts

Giveaway Info-

Author is giving away-

ebook copy of Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen

ebook copy of The Reborn: The Book of Dain by Casse NaRome

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12 character stickers


1 signed print copy of Awakened

3 Immortal Heart magnets

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(Ella and Kale)

“Wake up!” Jace sounded a bit panicked. He shook me lightly.

I moaned and turned over to look into his ice blue eyes. “What?”

“You were having a nightmare,” he explained. He brushed my hair out of my face. “You okay? It seemed pretty bad.”

“A nightmare?” I hadn’t had one since I was a kid, and even then, they didn’t feel so real.

“Or was it a memory?” Jace asked.

I hadn’t had a memory in so long that if it weren’t for Kale’s situation, I would have forgotten that I was an Arc.“I think it was just a nightmare.”

I sat up, and Jace sat back. “I haven’t had a memory in a while.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed.” He stood up and leaned against the dresser.

I ran my fingers through my hair and expelled a breath. Could that have been a memory? I’d learned how to have them without the dizziness and pain, and I feared that would make it harder to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

“I need to call Kale.” I got up and retrieved phone from my bag,then sat on the foot of the bed, ready to dial. “I need some privacy, please.”

I gave Jace a stern look until he stood up and walked to the door.

“I’m not sure that a phone call is going to help, Ella.You may need to start trying to figure things out without Kale—you know, on your own.”

“But I’m not alone.” I got up and joined him at the door. Jace went into the hallway and turned to face me. “I’ve got you, remember.”

I shut the door just as Jace raised his brow, and I dialed Kale’s number. A few rings later, I was greeted by Kale’s warm voice. “You should be sleeping, Ella.”

Kale’s low voice sent warm tingles up my spine.“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Why not?”

“Doesn’t matter.” I fumbled with the phone, suddenly nervous about calling.

“What is it?”

My silence must have made him realize that something was wrong, but I didn’t want to worry him. I just wanted to hear his voice.“Nothing is wrong.”

“Hmm… You are a horrible liar.” Kale chuckled.

“I miss you,” I whispered, scared that Kale would give me the whole ‘You have to move on’ speech. I closed my eyes. My heart pumped with excitement, and I had to control my breathing.

“I miss you too.”

“I was thinking about you, and I wanted to hear your voice.” I got back in bed and snuggled under the covers. I missed the few days that Kale and I had together before his la Luxure made him go all crazy. “Were you thinking about me?”

“Yeah,” Kale answered breathily.

“Will you stay on the phone with me until I fall asleep?” I squeezed my eyes more tightly shut, refusing to let the tears fall. I was stronger than that, and I had a plan. I knew it would work—of course, I also realized that I would have to ask Jace to help get me to the Council, because he knew where it was. I still had faith in my plan. If Kale could sacrifice all that he had for the past one hundred years, than I would do my part in keeping us together.

“Ella, I’d give anything to be there beside you.”

“I understand that for now, this will have to work.” I fought a yawn.

“For now?”

“We will be together Kale.You might not believe it, but it will happen. We have been through far too much to give up now.”

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