Arielle Caldwell

Drowning in fire Synopsis!

Synopsis:Nerita is tortured and put through more pain than she ever imagined could happen. Ahlic has captured her and locked her in a room where there’s no chance of escape on her own. He forces her to watch the murder of a friend. She strikes a deal to try and save lives but Ahlic is not the bargaining type.
After escaping, Ahlic forces her to endure a traumatic loss and haunts her in her dreams. More powers emerge from her, shocking everyone and leaving them slightly afraid. While on her own, a witch shows her the future and tells her grave news. A battle rages in her heart; unsure of how to handle the revelation.
She seeks Ahlic…but not to destroy him. Feelings she can’t control drive her to insanity and lust. Will Nerita give in and fall for what she’s been trying so hard to destroy?

About the Author: 

I’m Arielle and I’m a 27 year old mother of 2 little boys; wife of 6 years, U.S. Navy Veteran, author, poet, scrapbooker, photographer, and whatever else I find myself doing. I’ve always loved to write but am just now putting my works out for others to enjoy. I write in fantasy, erotic suspense, and dystopian at the moment.


Well, where can i start, although i didn’t drown in fire, some of you are about to drown because this book is AH-MA-ZING.The amazing sequel to Burning in Water’ is even more spectacular than the first, with the tension rising as the characters are tested emotionally. loved the emotional roller coaster Despite escaping from his clutches she remains haunted by him in her dreams, and slowly he gets under her skin with his poison seeping into her very being. As they prepare for the great battle, it soon turns into a personal dilemma as Nerita is torn. Unbelievably shocking and unexpected this book has so many twists, turns that i almost forgot i was reading a book not living in the book. Nerita and…(not letting you know the name). love and passion consumes them both, as there are more scenes in references to explosive physical passion  which you will find out when you get your copy.

i’ll have to say arielle is an amazing writer who keeps making me want more. totally loved the creativity and the journey i embarked with the characters. even though i don’t like much about love triangles. i loved every bit of this book.

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