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Book Info: Thundering Luv
Luv Series Book #2
By L.M. Preston
Expected Publication Date: June 1,
Published By: Phenomenal One Press
Book Blurb:
Jewel has always been able to get the
guy she wanted. The starting jock on
the football team, the team captain on
the basketball team, and the lead
swimmer on the swim team. Problem
is, she didn’t find them the least bit
exciting. Was she cold or a she-wolf for
guys? Colin thought so, and he’d do
anything to bring her down a peg or
two. When these two collide on the
sandy beach during their mixed up
summer vacation, sparks fly, making
this a summer neither will forget.
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Excerpt: Jewel
Jewel sighed watching her phone ring
for the tenth time in the last hour. She
kicked the cell phone off her beach chair
and bit her nail. The sea. The beautiful
sea in front of her couldn’t evoke any
depth within her heart. Maybe what
they called her at school was true.
Maybe she was made of ice. Couldn’t
feel, couldn’t love, was only a pretty
face with nothing in between. The large
beach home which shared a
wraparound deck, and a middle wall
with a neighbor had seen better days. It
was perfect, a temporary escape from
all the drama at home.
         “You should just answer the thing.
Stop stringing him along,” her cousin
Megs teased, and tapped Jewel’s dark
tan leg with her pale foot.
         “Easy for you to say, you don’t
have a boyfriend who’s scrumptious,
head of the football team, everything a
girl should want. But he doesn’t ‘do’ it
for you.” Jewel rolled her eyes and
huffed, plopping back in her beach
chair. She tied her dirty blond hair in a
knot, a clash to her darker hued skin
tone which made most people wonder
if she’d dyed her hair.
         “Nobody ever does it for you,”
Megs busted out laughing, “What is he,
like boyfriend number five this year?
And girl, you’ve been known to make
the big guys cry. What do you do with
them?” her platinum blond hair
appearing to glow in the sun.


Excerpt# :
“I mean, how does your
mom do it? Most ladies
can’t even find a guy to
marry them – my mom is
still ‘dating’ my dad and
can’t get him to commit.
But your mom,” Amy
inhaled loudly, “she’s
like…hum, like a husband
whisperer or something,”
Amy laughed.
Jewel lifted her shades to
peek out at Amy, “So are
you saying guys and dogs
are the same?” she
jumped up and plopped
down on Amy’s butt to
tickle Amy’s feet, “You
calling my mom a dog
trainer,” she giggled.
Whack! The
volleyball hit Jewel on the
forehead with such force,
she fell backwards. Jewel’s
foot hit’s Meg’s drink and
red juice splattered all
over her white bikini.
Amy’s butt went upward
to knock Jewel onto the
hard deck. Falling back,
Jewel’s head hit the wood
floor knocking her shades
           Jewel tried to catch
her breath. Pain and
anger became one as she
blinked against the glare
of the sun. Her eyes meet
the dark brown ones of a
laughing boy standing
above her. A gorgeous
guy, but who cared, he’d
hit her so hard with his
dumb ball, she was seeing
           “You! You! Stupid,
don’t you know how to
hit a ball?” Jewel struggled
to get up, and pushed the
boys tanned hand away
from her. His unruly long
black hair, dark eyes, and
full lips cocked up in a
smirk made her angrier.
“I’m trying to help
you,” his baritone voice
sounded like he was
fighting against laughter,
and he grasped her hand.
His firm muscular shaped
arm flexed as he bent to
help her.
Jewel slapped it
away, “I don’t want your
help you ruined my
bathing suit and,” she
touched her forehead
where a small lump was
forming, “put a knot on
my head!” She pushed at
him and stood up,
grabbing the volleyball off
the ground. His yummy
face taunted her when his
eyebrow went up
questioning her motive.
Then she aimed the ball at
his head and missed.
He ducked, “What
was that for?” His
laughing eyes turned
           Waving her hand at
him, she stepped forward.
“Idiots that hit girls with
their,” Jewel slipped back,
and tried to get her
balance, but the last thing
she remembered was him
smirking at her as her
head hit the floor again.

My review :

Thundering luv is a short and easy read. Its a good Ya book, although i wished it was longer. Cause lm preston left me wanting more.
Jewel has always been known to have
boys lining up on wanting to date her. She is infamous for leaving broken heart with  her fabulous
break up techniques.
Love The emotions between the two
main characters are the genuine feelings that develops between them.
There were some parts i loved most on which i could relate to some of past experience.
To me its an amazing read,but everybody is entitled to his own opinion.


Author Info:
LM. Preston was born and
raised in Washington, DC.
An avid reader, she loved
to create poetry and
short-stories as a young
girl. With a thirst for
knowledge she attended
college at Bowie State
University, and worked in
the IT field as a Techie
and Educator for over
sixteen years. She started
writing science fiction
under the encouragement
of her husband who was a
Sci-Fi buff and her four
kids. Her first published
novel, Explorer X – Alpha
was the beginning of her
obsessive desire to write
and create stories of
young people who
overcome unbelievable
odds. She loves to write
while on the porch
watching her kids play or
when she is traveling,
which is another passion
that encouraged her
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Website – http://
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Facebook – http://
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