Title: The Devil’s Third


Series: Beyond the Eyes Trilogy
# 3
By Rebekkah Ford
Expected Publication Date:
The Exciting Continuation Of
The Beyond the Eyes Trilogy.
If you could have the power to
control evil, would you want
In a rainy, misty town filled
with moss covered trees and
dwarfed by wooded mountains,
Astoria, Oregon, holds many
secrets and eighteen-year-old
Paige Reed is one of them.
She’s immortal, has magical
abilities she’s discovering, and
harbors King Solomon’s power
inside her. With his
incantations, she can control
the dark spirits who lurk
among society in soulless
But her problems are
Her best friend slips into a
coma, and Paige must tap into
her newfound powers-powers
she’s unsure of-to save her.
Through this ordeal, Bael who
once commanded a legion of
black souls, forces Paige to
make a pact with him, causing
her to abandon the ones she
loves. When she finds out
where Solomon’s spells are and
tells Bael, she begins to have
second thoughts about her
agreement with him.
Will she risk everything to
claim the spells that hold the
power to control the dark
spirits so she can enslave him?
Or will her one true love find
her before she makes a
horrible mistake that could
damage her for life?
And most importantly, what
does the Devil’s third mean
and what is Bael really up to?

About the Author:


Rebekkah Ford grew up in a
family that dealt with the
paranormal. Her parents’
Charles and Geri Wilhelm were
the directors of the UFO
Investigator’s League in
Fairfield, Ohio, back in the
1970s. They also investigated
ghost hauntings and Bigfoot
sightings in addition to UFO’s.
Growing up in this type of
environment and having the
passion for writing is what
drove Rebekkah at an early age
to write stories dealing with
the paranormal. At one point
in her life, she thought she
wanted to be a journalist, and
although she enjoyed writing
articles, she quickly discovered
her real passion was writing
fiction. Her fascination with
the paranormal is what led her
to write the ‘Beyond the Eyes’
series. Visit her online and
read her blog.


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