Mabe’s Burden by Kelly Abell Blitz

Mabes burden

Title: Mabe’s Burden
Author: Kelly Abell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blitz Host: Lady Amber’s Tours

Hot tempered, Mabe O’Banyon will do whatever it takes to keep the family’s Irish pub, Shenanigans, out of the mob’s dirty hands. She quickly learns, though, their attorney and the bank will offer no help. So, she calls in the reinforcements–Mara and Meg. She hasn’t seen her two sisters for years, but her desperate message brings them
Commercial real estate developer,
Aaron Shaw has a secret. He arrives in Monticello, FL, expecting to purchase a
quaint Irish pub and move on to his next conquest. But the transaction doesn’t take place as planned–in fact, it
doesn’t take place at all. The
hardheaded owner–a stunning redhead
with curves that don’t quit–isn’t
With time running out and the
mob on their heels, Aaron wants
nothing more than to save the woman
he’s fallen for from impending
danger. Mabe is torn between a man
she loves but can’t trust and the need to
hold on to her family’s pub. Their
choices lead them down a path neither
could have guessed.
While being threatened by the mob, a hot-
headed barkeep goes toe-to-toe with
a real estate developer who wants to save
her and falls head-over-heels…until she
learns he’s been keeping a horrible secret.
Author Bio
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t
want to write.  From the time I was
learned enough to string sentences
together I liked writing stories.  In high
school I was the literary editor of our
school magazine Sketches and had a
series of short stories that I’d written
even then.  I’m published with two
wonderful publishers, World Castle and
Solstice Publishing, and on my own as
an Indie.
I live in Florida with my two adult
children and my husband of 30+
years.  I have a wonderful dog named
Snickers that can even open her own
Christmas presents! (don’t believe me?
Look below) When I’m not working
full time in the insurance industry, I
write.  I believe any writer should
write because they love the craft. The
rest will come in time.  I hope you
enjoy reading my stories as much as
I’ve enjoyed writing them.


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Excerpt – When Mabe meets Aaron
Shaw for the first time
The door to the pub swung open
for a tall, ebony haired man wearing
an expensive tan suit. Mabe
straightened. Riveted, she stared at his
strikingly angular face. His chin,
grooved by a slight dimple, struck her
as sexy.
His gaze roamed the bar, settling
on her. Warmth radiated through her
entire body. Never had she felt such an
intense attraction to a man. Who the
hell is he? She didn’t recall ever seeing
him in the pub. Her nerves tingled.
Resembling a panther, he wove his way
through the crowd. Slightly ashamed of
her attraction to a strange man at her
father’s wake, she turned her back,
resuming her position behind the bar.
She spoke to several patrons, mentally
noting their drink orders on her way.
“No one could pull a pint like your
da,” an old grizzled man at the end of
the mahogany counter stated. “Smooth
like silk he was.”
Mabe smiled. “He was, Angus.
We’ll miss him.” She handed a frothy
mug to the man. “Here you go. Enjoy
“I will,” Angus declared, raising
his glass to her. “To many years.”


One thought on “Mabe’s Burden by Kelly Abell Blitz

  1. Thanks so much for hosting me for this Book Blitz. I really enjoyed writing Mabe’s Burden and hope you all enjoy reading it just as much. Keep watching for book two, Meg’s Secret coming in the Spring of 2014. Happy Holidays and blessings to you and yours. Kelly

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