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Cover Reveal: “The Art of Death” by Derek Dorr

This novella is the second
book in the Christian Rinaldi series, it is a novella about character Alex, from Cleansing Evil. This thriller Novella is titled “The Art of Death”  the release date is set for August 1st 2014.


How does a sweet little girl turn into a
ruthless vigilante serial killer? Art of Death follows Alex’s
journey of happiness, pain, and loss from an abandoned
toddler to bullied teenager to a protector of abused
women and children, hiding her murders in plain sight.

Author Bio


Derek was raised in a small town in Down East Maine
and after traveling for most of his early 20’s, he
returned to Maine to settle down and raise a family. He
is now a married father of the three best children he
could ever hope to have. He discovered his passion for
story telling via writing in his early teens but didn’t
start writing professionally until nearly a decade later.
He chose to become a ghost writer and write for other
people rather than writing under his own name until
last year. During his ghost writing period, he completed
6 novels and 100s of articles in various fields. In early
2014, with significant support from his wife, Janene, he
took the plunge and released his first books under his
own name.
Derek released “The Pilot Program” in May of 2014 as
a nonfiction work aimed at helping others who suffer
from panic attacks, anxiety or depression. Its
publication coincided…

Author links.

Amazon page:

Cleansing evil:

The pilot program:

Facebook page:


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