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From the and bestselling author of the Driven series.


Reeling from the sudden loss of her sister, Haddie Montgomery has sworn off relationships. All she wanted from Beckett Daniels was a sexy distraction to help her
escape her pain for just a little while….There weren’t supposed to be any strings attached—so why can’t she shake the memory of that unforgettable night from her
thoughts? Or the taste of his kiss from her lips? No matter how hard Haddie tries to forget about him,
Becks relentlessly tries to prove that she should start living for today. But she is determined to avoid romantic commitment, and she can always use her ex-boyfriend’s reappearance to help snuff out the within her that Becks has sparked…
Or will fate force her to realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and a chance at love is worth the risk?

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Steamy Excerpt: Meet Becks and Haddie

Posted by arrangement with New American Library, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © K. Bromberg, 2014

“Sweet Haddie,” he murmurs as his hand finds my breast
and yanks down the cup of my bra, his callused palms
replacing the softness of the lace. I gasp out loud as his
slides in its tempestuous descent. “Sweet, sweet
Haddie…I wonder if your pussy
tastes just as sweet as your kiss…as your skin…as right
The heat of his mouth replaces the caress of his fingers
on my breast and I’m swamped by the sensation of it. Of
him. My head falls back and my words tumble out. “What
are you waiting for?”
That chuckle of his hums against my breast before he
tilts his head back and looks up at me under lust-laden
eyelids. “Demanding are we?” His eyes dance with
humor before the dare flickers through them. ,
they say.
And a part of me wants to. A part of me wants to push
him to see just how much control he’s willing to give
me. Is he going to do what I say or is he going to do
what he wants?
Challenge accepted.
“Then taste me, Becks. I want to feel your mouth on me,
your tongue in me. I want you to taste me on your lips
as I’m still coming and while you’re fucking me.”
He sucks harder on my nipple; a tortured groan escapes
his lips as he rises to full height
and stares at me. “Fucking hell, Had,” he says before his
lips brand mine, his mouth
possessing, taking, claiming as if I were his. “Are you
trying to tell me how to fuck you?”
I feel the heat of his breath on my lips, see the taunt in
his smirk and raise of
a brow, but I can’t think of the witty comeback I know is
there. His hands slide
down my torso and grip my bare waist causing my
breath to stutter as he yanks my
body into his. His impressive hard-on presses against
my lower belly causing the ache simmering there to
Becks leans in close, his lips grazing my ear, causing
chills to chase over my skin.
“Rest assured, Haddie, I know how to fuck you. I know
how to make you come.”
His teeth graze and tug on my earlobe to reinforce his
words. “I know how to
make this hot-as-fuck body of yours tremble, tense, and
beg for more…so lay
back, and let me taste you.”


Author Bio: Meet the Fabulous K. Bromberg
K. Bromberg is that reserved woman sitting in the corner
that has you fooled about the wild child inside of her-
the one she let out when her fingertips touch the
keyboard. She’s a wife, mom, child, rustler, toy-picker
upper, chauffer, resident web-slinger, LaLaloopsy
watching, American Girl dressing multi-tasking of all
things and otherwise. She likes her diet cokes with rum,
her music loud, and her pantry stocked with a cache of
K. lives in Southern California with her husband and
three children. When she needs a break from the daily
chaos of her life, you can most likely find her on the
treadmill or with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of
a good saucy book.

Author Links

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKBromberg
Website: http://www.kbromberg.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KBrombergDriven


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