Passion’s Tide by Sarah West ~ Review ~


Amber, a strong-willed girl, is struck by tragedy when she loses her mother, the person shielding her from the world’s cruelty. It’s 1714 in Boston, Mass., and the death of Amber’s mom is not the only factor that threatens her stable life; her father’s secretive will puts her inheritance in jeopardy. Afraid that her money will go to her envious and greedy uncle, she sails to England to find the thing that will save her future: an honorable husband with a suitable title. Amber’s luck takes an even a worse turn when her ship is attacked by Imperial Shadow, the infamous pirate ship. She finds herself at the mercy of the devilishly handsome captain, Logan. The refreshing character of Amber entices Logan, and he finds himself challenged by a girl who doesn’t seem to appreciate his charms. The chemistry between the two is palpable. Gradually, their relationship takes interesting turns, and with every event both Amber and Logan, against their better judgment, discover that they are falling for each other. Unanticipated revelations about the characters’ pasts, especially Logan’s, are surprising, but the fast turn of events impedes experiencing the emotional depth of the novel. Still, the author takes the reader with Amber on a sea adventure where her captor becomes her savior

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Passion's TidePassion’s Tide by Sarah  West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book when it was offered free on amazon and I wouldn’t have minded if I bought  it at the original price. This is my first time reading any of Sarah west book and I’m glad I took the chance. Its a bit different from what I usually read( in a good way). Amber is an independent lady who is not afraid of protecting what’s hers. I fell In love with the characters, they are funny caring and passionate. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend this book to any historical romance lover.


Sarah West always wanted to be a writer. So it came as no surprise to her friends and family when she embarked on the adventure of penning a story about pirates and
romance on the seven seas. In her spare time, Sarah is an avid cook and self-taught photographer. You can follow her at


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