Virtual Assitant/P.A Services

Basic Personal Assistant Services:

♥Basic Personal Assistant Services:♥

★Contacting blogs for reviews and giveaways.

★Run street team.

★Website/Blog page management.
• Give Blog Post Topic Ideas to author
•Schedule and Promote blog posts
•Write Blog Posts when needed
•Help promote and gain followers for the blog

★Set up blog tours.

★Run Facebook event parties.

★Facebook page management.
• Create, Schedule, & Execute Posts and Updates
Respond to Personal Messages, when possible.
•Interacting with Readers and Audience

★ Help research topics and subjects for author
• Creating Teaser pics
•Contacting graphic desingners.
•Finding stock photos for author’s WIP

★ARC/book review coordination.

★Organizing contests and giveaways (contacting

★Promoting through social medias and interacting with followers.

★Schedule Management.

★Email management.

★Mailing promotional items (postage not

Contact me at zeehayat18[at]gmail[dot]com for pricing and more info.


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